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Doctor Gray

and his

Orchestra of One

 Christmas Video Out
 Mr Dickens is coming for 


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Doctor Gray performs traditional yet innovative steampunk songs featuring tea, airships, smugglers, damsels in distress and a range of victorian characters from the insanely historic to the reassuringly fictional.  The Doctor plays wild (but tuneful) guitar and sings against a backing track: his trusty Orchestra of One, providing music with a strong beat that sets the toes tapping and encourages dancing.  Punctuating his song list with witty and engaging banter, the Doctor has been a popular entertainer at all of the events he has attended.

Doctor Gray's music can be found on Youtube, Spotify, Facebook and all the places where you'd expect music to lurk...  He has recorded an album:  100% Steampunk Anthems, and is constantly writing new Steampunk or Victorian themed material. Follow the links at the top of the page.

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